Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S037 Hoppy Day

S037 Hoppy Day $14.70
H67mm W57mm

S351 Sheep

S351 Sheep $9.90
H30mm W40mm

S088 Cat in Gumboot

S088 Cat in Gumboot $12.50
H60mm W43mm

S263 Horse

S263 Horse $15.70
H66mm W83mm

S363 Cow

S363 Cow $11.50
H35mm W58mm

S364 Cow Black & White

S364 Cow Black & White $11.50
H35mm W58mm

S378 Bear Koala

S378 Bear, Koala $11.50
H43mm W48mm

S273 Cat in Window

S273 Cat in Window $13.70
H70mm W57mm

S423 Mouse

S423 Mouse $13.70
H64mm W70mm

S417 Frog on branch

S417 Frog on branch $12.50
H41mm W54mm

S189 Dragon

S189 Dragon with Gold $19.90
H79 W108mm

S409 Mouse small

S409 Mouse small $11.50
H46mm W46mm

S428 Dog, Bichon

S428 Dog, Bichon $12.50
H54mm W44mm

S343 German Shepherd

S343 German Shepherd $15.70
H88mm W52mm

S315 Pawprints

S315 Pawprints 9.90
H13mm W36mm

S379 Cat with Bow

S379 Cat with Bow $12.50
H50mm W40mm

S418 Lizard

S418 Lizard stylised $11.50
H37mm W50mm

S401 Frog on Leaf

S401 Frog on Leaf $11.50
H26mm W64mm

S424 Cat

S424 Cat $13.70
H66mm W50mm

S408 Cat small

S408 Cat small $11.50
H48mm W40mm

S403 Dog, Terrier

S403 Dog, Terrier $12.50
H68mm W42mm

S434 Dog, Scotty

S434 Dog, Scotty $13.70
H54mm W64mm

S147 Cat with Roses

S147 Cat with Roses $13.70
H53mm W72mm

S380 Cat licking Paw

S380 Cat licking Paw $9.90
H28mm W48mm

Dinosaur, Rex

S522 Dinosaur, Rex $16.70
H62mm X W94mm

Dinosaur, Lotty

S523 Dinosaur, Lotty $13.70
H44mm X W83mm

Dinosaur prints

S524 Dinosaur prints $9.90
H26mm X W34mm

Horse head

S545 Horse head $13.70
H73mm X W54mm

Elephant love

S582 Elephant love


S607 Giraffe


S612 Bunny

Cat Sundae

S617 Cat Sundae
$13.70 H60mm W68mm

Cat chair

S620 Cat chair
$13.70 H68mm W60mm

Carousel Horse

S629 Carousel Horse
$17.70 H83mm W88mm


S641 Unicorn
$15.70 H64mm W80mm


S652 Stork
$13.70 H58mm W68mm

Bunny small

S570 Bunny small

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