Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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s341 Bear Checkered

S341 Bear Checkered $17.75
Size H80mm W75mm

s342 Bear Checkered small

S342 Bear Checkered small $11.50
Size H48mm W45mm

s344 Bear Birdhouse

S344 Bear Birdhouse $15.70
Size H88mm W60mm

S008 Pirate Bear Large

S008 Pirate Bear $17.70
Size H80mm W80mm

S271 Bear & Birds

S271 Bear & Birds $12.50
Size H45mm W66mm

Bear with Heart Bag

S270 Bear with Heart Bag $15.70
Size H80mm W63mm

Bear on log

S297 Bear on Log $15.70
Size H74mm W65mm

Ballerina bear

S029 Ballerina Bear $17.70
Size H86mm W72mm

Bear present for you

S266 Bear present for you $15.70
Size H86mm W60mm

Bear Family

S284 Bear Family $12.50
Size H58mm W48mm

Bear Flower Tummy

S300 Bear Flower Tummy $12.50
Size H50mm W42mm

Bear on Hammock

S267 Bear on Hammock $15.70
Size H55mm W85mm

Bear with Flowers

S298 Bear Flowers $13.70
Size H75mm W40mm

Bear Balloon

S355 Bear and Balloon
Size H46mm W28mm

Bear and Ball

S299 Bear and Ball $8.90
Size H26mm W44mm

pirate bear small

S019 Pirate Bear small $13.70
Size H60mm W57mm


S009 Bear $11.50
Size H45mm W44mm

Grandma Bear

S091 Grandma Bear $15.70
Size H80mm W58mm

Bear with Penguin

S100 Bear with Penguin $13.70
Size H58mm W60mm

Honey Bear

S097 Honey Bear $13.70
Size H60mm W60mm

Bear with Wine Glasses

S102 Bear with wine glasses
$12.50 Size H65mm W45mm

Peeping Teddy

S144 Peeping Teddy $12.50
Size H42mm W67mm

Flower Bear

S143 Flower Bear $11.50
Size H49mm W52mm

Bear Hats & Apron

S635 Bear Hats & Apron
$13.70 H65mm W58mm

Bear medium

S640 Bear medium
$13.70 H67mm W65mm

Bear Party Hat

S642 Bear Party Hat
$7.90 H26mm W18mm

Bear Christmas Hat

S643 Bear Christmas Hat
$8.90 H31mm W38mm

Bear Clothes

S645 Bear Clothes
$13.70 H68mm W70mm

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