Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S032 Fantail

S032 Fantail $13.70
Size H67mm W47mm

S040 Peacock

S040 Peacock $11.50
Size H59mm W36mm

S043 Wood Pigeon

S043 Wood Pigeon $15.70
Size H77mm W52mm

S042 White Heron

S042 White heron $17.70
Size H73mm W82mm

S044 Kiwi

S044 Kiwi $15.70
Size H54mm W75mm

S057 Feather

S057 Feather $8.90
Size H73mm W17mm

S096 Birdhouse

S096 Birdhouse $13.70
Size H57mm W50mm

S083 Kiwi small

S083 Kiwi small $8.90
Size H30mm W43mm

S226 Dove

S226 Dove $7.90
Size H24mm W30mm

S257 Pukeko

S257 Pukeko $14.70
Size H65mm W57mm

S2578 Pukeko small

S258 Pukeko small $8.90
Size H38mm W25mm

S325 Kea

S325 Kea $12.50
Size H55mm W54mm

S328 Pukeko 2

S328 Pukeko 2 $12.50
Size H46mm W53mm

S337 Kingfisher

S337 Kingfisher $14.70
Size H64mm W60mm

S340 Penguin Flowers

S340 Penguin Flowers $13.70
Size H60mm W61mm

S345 Penguin Pair

S345 Penguin Pair $14.70
Size H60mm W65mm

S346 Penguin Fisherman

S346 Penguin Fisherman $13.70
Size H64mm W50mm

S018 Honking Duck

S018 Honking Duck $14.70
Size H70mm W53mm

S362 Yellow Eyed Penguin

S362 Yellow Eyed Penguin $12.50
Size H59mm W47mm

S347 Japanese Bird

S347 Japanese Bird $13.70
Size H80mm W44mm

S290 Small bird

S290 Small Bird $7.90
Size H18mm W28mm

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Also check out our cartoon Kiwis
Owl 2

S672 Owl 2
$12.50 H68mm W48mm


S673 Owl
$12.50 H68mm W37mm

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