Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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Celtic Double

S322 Celtic Double $17.70
H80mm W80mm

Celtic Cutout

S333 Celtic cutout $14.70
H58mm W58mm

Celtic Circle $ <br>Hmm Wmm

S369 Celtic Circle $13.70
H58mm W58mm

Celtic St Andrews

S368 Celtic St Andrews $14.70
H55mm W55mm

Celtic Black

S068 Celtic Black $7.90
H25mm W25mm

Celtic White

S069 Celtic White $7.90
H25mm W25mm


S136 Thistle Stencil $7.90
H24mm W24mm


S105 Gaelic Saying $11.50
Hmm Wmm

Celtic Friend

S320 Celtic Friends $14.70
H68mm W68mm

Celtic Rectangle

S426 Celtic Rectangle $14.70
H100mm W46mm


S420 Thistle $12.50
H40mm W54mm

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