Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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Kiwi Cartoons

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S231 Kiwi Rugby

S231 Kiwi Rugby $15.70
H65mm W85mm

S233 Kiwi Backpacker

S233 Kiwi Backpacker $14.70
H68mm W65mm

S241 Kiwi Farmer

S241 Kiwi Farmer $14.70
H66mm W66mm

S239 Kiwi Fisherman $14.70
H66mm W66mm

S348 Kiwi Quadbiker

S348 Kiwi Quadbiker $15.70
H48mm W85mm

S235 Kiwi Golfer

S235 Kiwi Golfer $14.70
H37mm W39mm

S237 Kiwi Mountainbiker
$14.70 H68mm W65mm

S243 Kiwi Yachtsman

S243 Kiwi Yachtsman $14.70
H66mm W66mm

S232 Kiwi Rugby small

S232 Kiwi Rugby sm
$9.50 H32mm W36mm

S234 Kiwi Backpacker small

S234 Kiwi Backpacker sm
$9.90 H36mm W36mm

S242 Kiwi Farmer small

S242 Kiwi Farmer sm
$9.90 H36mm W36mm

S240 Kiwi Fisherman smal

S240 Kiwi Fisherman sm
$9.90 H37mm W37mm

S349 Kiwi Quadbiker small

S349 Kiwi Quadbiker sm
$9.90 H30mm W40mm

S236 Kiwi Golfer small

S236 Kiwi Golfer sm
$9.90 H37mm W39mm

S238 Kiwi Mountainbiker small

S238 Kiwi Mountainbiker sm
$9.90 H37mm W35mm

S244 Kiwi Yachtsman small

S244 Kiwi Yachtsman sm
$9.90 H37mm W37mm

S480 Kiwi Surfer

S480 Kiwi Surfer $14.70
H62mm W80mm

S478 Kiwi Camper $14.70
H57mm W80mm

S477 Kiwi Barbeque

S477 Kiwi Barbeque $14.70
H67mm W70mm

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