Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S705 Flower
$11.95 H48mm W49mm


S702 Toadstools
$12.95 H49mm W53mm

 Rose Flourish

S711 Rose Flourish
$12.95 H71mm W46mm

 Leaf background

S707 Leaf background
$9.50 H32mm W35mm

 Flower Border

S703 Flower Border
$10.20 H14mm W113mm

 May you Always

S699 May you Always
$13.95 H32mm W102mm

 Count your life

S710 Count your life
$11.95 H29mm W57mm

 May you Live

S713 May you Live
$12.95 H39mm W63mm

 May your Home

S706 May your Home
$11.95 H28mm W69mm

 Happy Anniversary

S708 Happy Anniversary
$9.20 H15mm W45mm

 May the Hinges

S712 May the Hinges
$12.95 H20mm W101mm

 Friends Treasure

S704 Friends Treasure
$11.95 H26mm W81mm

 Friends Flowers

S683 Friends Flowers
$12.95 H17mm W108mm

 Real Friends

S697 Real Friends
$11.95 H29mm W87mm

 God grant

S686 God grant
$12.95 H28mm W89mm

 Birthday Special

S690 Birthday Special
$11.95 H37mm W65mm

 Wonderful friend

S689 Wonderful friend
$11.95 H28mm W68mm


S701 Party!
$11.95 H39mm W63mm

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