Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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Maori and Pacific

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Rautawa_Ngarua Roa

S049 Rautawa_Ngarua Roa
$16.90 Size H48 mm W 122mm

Maori Rectangle

S164 Maori Rectangle
$13.90 Size H72 mm W 44mm

Maori circle

S366 Maori circle
$13.90 Size H64 mm W 64mm

Maori square

S367 Maori square
$13.90 Size H60 mm W 60mm

Maori design

S584 Maori design
$14.90 Size H65 mm W 65mm

Maori Love Is

S583 Maori Love Is
$14.90 Size H65 mm W 65mm

Maori faces

S578 Maori faces
$14.90 Size H58 mm W 68mm

Pacific square large

S432 Pacific square large
$17.90 Size H82 mm W 82mm

Pacific Leaf square

S411 Pacific Leaf square
$11.90 Size H42 mm W 42mm

Pacific Cross square

S433 Pacific Cross square
$11.90 Size H42 mm W 42mm


S081 Seioriana
$11.90 Size H40 mm W 40mm


S082 Seioriana2
$11.90 Size H41 mm W 41mm


S125 Seioriana3
$13.90 Size H30 mm W 90mm

Four Journey

S104 Four Journey
$13.90 Size H57 mm W 58mm

Silver Fern lg

S073 Silver Fern lg
$11.90 Size H67 mm W 26mm

Silver Fern sm

S074 Silver Fern sm
$10.20 Size H47 mm W 18mm

Koru double

S496 Koru double
$9.20 Size H38 mm W 20mm

Koru black

S537 Koru black
$9.20 Size H27 mm W 27mm

Koru white

S538 Koru white
$9.20 Size H27 mm W 27mm

Koru Square

S539 Koru Square
$11.90 Size H38 mm W 38mm

Koru words

S540 Koru words
$9.20 Size H18 mm W 43mm

Maori border long

S577 Maori border long
$11.90 Size H15 mm W 150mm

Maori border wide

S571 Maori border wide
$11.90 Size H27 mm W 65mm

Kia Ora From NZ sm

S065 Kia Ora From NZ sm
$8.20 Size H17 mm W 33mm

Kia Ora From NZ Lg

S072 Kia Ora From NZ Lg
$9.20 Size H24 mm W 43mm

Kia Ora

S086 Kia Ora
$9.20 Size H15 mm W 45mm

Fish hook

S596 Fish hook
$9.20 Size H30 mm W 19mm

Maori border small

S565 Maori border small
$10.20 Size H15 mm W 100mm


S592 Tane
$13.90 Size H85 mm W 42mm


S586 Waka
$9.50 Size H29 mm W 44mm


S329 Flax
$12.90 Size H54 mm W 40mm

Maori design L

S715 Maori design L
$11.90 Size H65 mm W 30mm

Maori design R

S714 Maori design R
$11.90 Size H65 mm W 30mm

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