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Christmas 1

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Christmas Candle

S106 Candle Light $15.90
H74mm W66mm

Angel Teddy

S114 Angel Teddy $13.90
H54mm W70mm

Have a wonderful Christmas

S099 Have a Wonderful Christmas $11.90
H30mm W51mm

Greetings of Season

S109 Greetings of the Season $8.90
H10mm W68mm

Seasons Greetings

S113 Seasons Greetings $9.20
H10mm W66mm

Star 2d

S131 Star 2D $9.20
H35mm W27mm

Happy Christms

S120 Happy Christmas $11.90
H25mm W68mm


S077 Stars $11.90
H40mm W40mm


S078 Snowflake $11.90
H36mm W36mm

Parcel stars

S079 Parcel Stars $12.50
H37mm W47mm

Merry Christmas star

S101 Merry Christmas Star $11.90
H44mm W53mm

Thinking of you at Christmas

S119 Thinking of you Christmas $15.90
H62mm W78mm

Christmas Tree Stars

S118 Christmas Tree Stars $14.90
H66mm W66mm

Wise Men camels

S110 Wise Men on camels $17.90
H64mm W104mm

Bears with Mistletoe

S121 Bears Mistletoe $17.90
H94mm W64mm

Christmas Hat Star

S122 Christmas Hat Star $17.90
H84mm W88mm

Merry Christmas

S111 Merry Christmas large $11.90
H28mm W60mm


S145 Star in stars $11.90
H50mm W48mm


S132 Angel $12.90
H62mm W47mm

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